New Website Launch for Why ASAP UK

ASAP Innovations launches a new website dedicated to UK and EU based customers

ASAP Innovations has launched this new website dedicated to our UK and EU based customers. We decided to develop this website with a focus on this specific customer demographic because we wanted to appeal more to their specific needs and requirements. ASAP is constantly building on the relationship with its customers and this new website will help to enhance this.

We developed this website with a product focused view in mind as we feel that this is exactly what our UK and EU customers are looking for. Our product ranges include Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl, Vitrile and Face Masks. All of our products are highly regulated and certified to EU standards as they are registered with the European Medical Device Directive. Our masks comply with EN 14683 and EN149 standards and its gloves comply with EN 455 and EN 374 standards.

The resource section on the website was created to inform customers of important industry and product information. We have product explainers for further insight and video content showing the ASAP brand. Our infographics are to help our customers understand the industry and the trends that are taking place.

We want to keep our customers more updated with company news with this website. ASAP want to show you what is going on inside the business. With this in mind, we created the ‘ASAP Updates’ section. In here we have all our Press Releases, any upcoming Events, and our CSR initiatives that we are constantly trying to build particularly, anywhere that we can truly give a helping hand in the current climate of COVID-19.

ASAP want to stay connected with our all of our customers and this website is the platform to achieve just that!

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