Medi-Inn turns to ASAP UK for reliable PPE supply during the pandemic 

About Medi-Inn

Medi-Inn (UK), founded in 2014 and based in County Durham, is a manufacturer and distributor of consumables to the UK Health Sector. The company supplies Nationally Contracted Products, including examination gloves and Covid 19 lateral flow tests, to the NHS and other health care organisations. Medi-Inn is certified to BS ISO 9001:2015.

The Challenge

In the early stages of the pandemic supplies of PPE came under severe strain as every country struggled to meet unprecedented demand; manufacturers couldn’t easily ramp up production as Governments moved to purchase directly from them, bypassing normal distribution channels.

Medi-Inn faced disruption and unpredictability at exactly the time it needed to guarantee supply of this critical equipment.


ASAP globally has a strong reputation for integrity, doing what it says, and openness; at the outset of the partnership with Medi-Inn, ASAP shared inventory plans and created a delivery schedule that guaranteed supply to the end of 2020 then right through to October 2021. ASAP’s top priority throughout the pandemic has been getting supplies to its customers, which has meant building capacity, investing in people and processes, and securing the supply chain.

Medi-Inn was particularly impressed with ASAP’s philosophy of never accepting an order that it could not guarantee to fulfil, which created confidence in their customers that there would be no shortages or interruptions.

Wayne Dobson, MD of Medi-Inn, commented; “Despite the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in, the support levels we have received from ASAP Innovations has been second to none.”.

Customer Benefits

  • Guaranteed continuity of supply
  • Stable, reliable partner
  • Highest quality product
  • Global, long – standing organisation
  • Continuous innovation
  • Global manufacturer, with local presence

“We knew about ASAP’s impressive presence in Asia and everything we heard about them was very positive. A partnership with ASAP Innovations meant we were able to continue supplying certified, high – quality PPE, at a time when it was most needed.”

Wayne Dobson, Managing Director, Medi-Inn