Why Become a Distributor with ASAP Innovations?

At ASAP we have the knowledge and products to help scale up your business and grow in the right direction. We have over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing disposable products and a product line of over 150 different goods that is constantly expanding. We cater to a range of industries including healthcare, automotive, industrial, construction, veterinary, agriculture and food and beverages. Thus, helping you to drive your customer engagement throughout various sectors.

What can ASAP offer you?

At ASAP we have an extensive range of expertise to assist you in successfully expanding your business. However, the three key areas in that ASAP will truly help you excel include:

  1. Exceptional Quality Products

At ASAP we pride ourselves on our commitment to hygiene control and quality assurance. All of our products are highly regulated and certified which is extremely important in the disposable products line of business. Our face masks comply with EN 14683 and EN149 standards and our gloves comply with EN 455 and EN 374 standards. In addition, all ASAP Innovations products are registered with the European Medical Device Directive (MDD). We are constantly monitoring and updating our products to comply with the latest regulatory requirements. This is to ensure that our distributors are being provided with the highest quality goods, making their sales seamless.

  1. Competitive Prices

Even with our products and regulation being of the highest quality, we still offer competitive prices. We want our distributors to have the correct price point that will enable them to capture every opportunity. We will work with you to figure out exactly what product volume you need and what industry you are selling to and decide what price will work best. In this market you need to be on top of price fluctuations and be one step ahead and this is exactly what ASAP is constantly looking out for to help our distributors.

  1. Ongoing Customer Support & Partnerships

At ASAP we want to build partnerships and providing excellent support to our distributors is at the forefront of our business. We offer a range of support to help you in selling our products which include:

  • Key training materials
  • Marketing content support
  • Defined allocation programmes
  • Sales strategy advice
  • Trade shows
  • Daily check ins and interactions
  • Long-term goal business plans

We will help you to devise a marketing plan suitable for your company whether it be online, print, trade shows etc., and provide you with the materials required to do so. We will work together as a team to achieve your business goals.

ASAP want to help you grow your profits and expand your customer base. Anything we do internally is always to benefit our distributors and we are constantly looking at the long-term relationship.