ASAP Innovations Ltd Donates €3,000 towards Subsidies of Therapies on the Autism Spectrum and Member of Snowflakes Autism Support

Asap Innovations

ASAP donated EUR 3,000 to go towards subsidies of Therapies for Children in the Dublin area who are on the Autism Spectrum and members of Snowflakes Autism support, which is a registered Irish Charity.

These therapies include occupational therapies that can help improve daily living skills and speech therapies that help improve overall communication.  These therapies are vital for the development of ASD children and should be made available free from the HSE. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Parents are fortunate if their children receive a single therapy session in any given year. But to have any real benefit, a child would need 10-15 hourly sessions at a time to make any progress. So, the only option is private therapies. These typically cost EUR 100 per session, meaning a full stretch would cost parents EUR 1,000 to EUR 1,500 each time.

What Snowflakes does for member parents, is to provide a subsidy towards each session. This would typically EUR 20 to 40 per hour subsidy per application (covering a maximum of 8 sessions per member, no more than twice a year), depending on funds available. So, it’s a significant benefit.

At the time, these therapies are even more vital. These lockdowns have probably hit special needs children the most, with many experiencing regressions in their behavioural, social and life skills during these lockdowns.

This can’t be done without the fundraising performed by Snowflakes volunteers, families and friends, plus sponsorships from companies such as ASAP Innovations.

To find out more about or donate visit – Home – Snowflakes

Appreciation post from the amazing Snowflakes group about ASAP’s donation

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