Certified PPE provider helping to protect key workers this Christmas launches in the UK

Certified PPE Provider

ASAP Innovations represents the medical PPE provider of choice – credible, reliable and most importantly, certified 

ASAP Innovations, a leading manufacturer of medical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the healthcare, automotive, industrial, construction, food and beverages industries has officially launched in the UK. Based in Ireland and Malaysia, with over 30 years’ experience manufacturing disposable products and a commitment to hygiene control and quality assurance, ASAP Innovations’ 150 certified product lines of masks and gloves are now available to UK organisations. 

PPE has been a lifeline for the healthcare industry this year, enabling it to continue providing the best quality care to patients. However, the result of this is a worldwide shortage of gloves, which ASAP International HQ estimated was at 20-25 billion gloves per month at the height of the pandemic. While it’s promising to see government’s and organisations taking steps to protect their people, the sheer demand for PPE has presented opportunities for fraudulent activities, with the British Standards Institute (BSI) finding an increase in PPE being sold with documentation that is either inaccurate or has been falsified. This can be extremely concerning as equipment used to protect healthcare employees should do what it sets out to do; protect both the individual, as well as the patients they care for, particularly in the current climate. 

It is therefore crucial that PPE products are selected based on the fact they are tested and certified by authorised bodies to EN standards and that buyers have complete confidence in the products they’re purchasing. 

ASAP Innovations’ products include medical face masks for both adults and notably, children – a product line that isn’t currently widely available. It also includes nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves, cleanroom gloves and surgical gloves. All of its products on offer are highly regulated and certified to EU standards, unlike a lot of the PPE on the market at present – its masks comply with EN 14683 and EN149 standards and its gloves comply with EN 455 and EN 374 standards. In addition, all ASAP Innovations products are registered with the European Medical Device Directive (MDD). 

Sean Keller, Managing Director, ASAP Innovations comments: “This year has seen the topic of PPE thrown under the spotlight, but this has resulted in a lot of misinformation and lack of understanding in the public domain regarding the importance, purpose and correct usage of PPE. Consequently, fraudsters are exploiting this opportunity. To protect public health, it is crucial that organisations and the public have access to the best quality and regulated PPE from a credible, certified provider. A lot of PPE providers overpromise and underdeliver even when dealing with such important equipment which is a major concern considering the consequences can in some cases be fatal.  

“At ASAP Innovations proper hygiene standard is practiced throughout the development of all of our products, from raw materials handling, processing, production, inspection right the way through to the finished product. We have a dedicated inspection team specialised in quality assurance & regulatory affairs which allows us to provide advice to our customers to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements and up-to-date regulations, meaning we simplify the process without cutting corners. 

Sean concludes, “It goes without saying that frontline workers have gone above and beyond to serve the public throughout what has been a very challenging year and it is therefore so important that these individuals are adequately protected while at work. At ASAP Innovations, our customers interest is always our top priority and our focus going forward into 2021 remains on growing in the UK market, while continuously expanding and developing our products to meet the changing needs of the global healthcare industry.”

If you are looking for certified protection for your functional and practical needs, choose ASAP Innovations, where transparency and legitimacy are the priority.

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