Beware of Scammers

It has been brought to our attention that several unauthorized individuals or organizations are reportedly claiming as authorized dealers or representing ASAP International to secure gains through fraudulent means. We strongly urge you to stay vigilant and take extra precaution when encountering such offer or being offered with any suspicious deals.

Be cautious of these fraudulent actions:

  • Claim to be ASAP’s authorized dealer or representative or reseller or have direct access to ASAP’s resources

  • Claim to able to provide buyer with ready stock or bulk volume of gloves

  • Request buyer to sign agreement or prepare documents such as Letter of Intent, Sales & Purchase Agreement, Purchase Order, Proof of Fund and other similar documents

  • Disseminate fake documents consists of fake test report, certificates, product image, logo

If you receive an email or approached by individual or organization that you suspect to be a fraud attempt, please do not respond. Instead, contact ASAP Innovations UK at for verification.